Trådløs AV sender 2.4 Ghz

PrisNOK590,00 inkl. mva.
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RF Transceiver
Transmits audio, video and data signals within a radius of up to 30 metres and through ceilings and walls Ideal alternative to laborious cable laying
Universal image transmission of DVD, VCR or set-top boxes to a second television with stereo sound.
The simplest installation without costly aerial alignment
High quality switching technology for optimum reception and high disturbance immunity.
Complete set including cables and adapters – “Plug & Play”
Compact construction with a small footprint for discreet assembly

Technical Data:
Transmission Frequency: Audio/Video: 2.4 GHz; Data: 433 MHz
Transmission/receive channels: 4
Voltage supply: 9 V/ 230 V