Corinex Støyfilter

Corinex Støyfilter

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Corinex Powerline Filter

How can interference be controlled?

Apply suitable preventative measures to the interference source.

To accomplish this, the source of the interference must be identified.

A good starting point would be first to check hair dryers, vacuum

cleaners, electric shavers, air conditioning units, or any device with

a heavy duty motor. Install the Corinex Powerline Filter on each

of these devices, one at a time, until the offending device is found

and the noise eliminated. Regular, thorough electrical maintenance

of equipment will also help keep noise levels to a minimum.

The power supplies of some home appliances (especially those with

a transformer or a coil built-in) such as hair dryers, vacuum cleaners

and electric shavers, normally generate excessive high frequency

noise. These unwanted electrical signals can pass from the power

supply through the input power connections into the power lines.

Computers, modems and especially Powerline communications

connected to these same power lines may pick up this noise,

which may disrupt the Powerline communications or make them



Technical Specifications


Problem Solution

Corinex´s new Powerline Filter is carefully designed to eliminate

and block all noisy signals from entering the electrical power line

grid. The Powerline Filter from Corinex purifies the signal without

affecting the frequency or the level of the signal.



The Corinex Powerline Filter does not create phase delays, amplitude

errors, DC shifts or waveform distortion. It eliminates 50/60 Hz

noise and harmonics without altering the frequency characteristics

of the input signal, even when these frequencies overlap with

noise components.

Do not connect the filter to any Home-Plug adapters or UPA

adapters such as Powerline Ethernet adapters or AV200 Powerline

adapters or any other modem. Doing so will block the signal from

the adapters and cause a major communicatons interruption.